ACBI-CMC, VELLORE Quality Control Programme in Clinical Chemistry


In the year 1977, the Executive Council of the ACBI wanted to start an EQA for the Indian laboratories and Dr. A. S. Kanagasabapathy of Christian Medical College, Vellore, took that challenge and did a pilot study along with Dr. Peter Hill and Dr. S. Swaminathan. This study revealed analarming variation in the results reported. The next year it was started with 58 laboratories. 42 years after it was started by Dr. A. S. Kanagasabapathy, Dr. Peter G. Hill and Dr. S. Swaminathan (founders of this program) it has witnessed tremendous growth in all dimensions and today there are over 6000 labs participating in 7 different programs.After using Bovine sera for many years, Human sera as samples were introduced during the year 2011. Subsequently with the purchase of the lyophilyzer, liquid QC samples were replaced by Lyophilized samples.After Dr. Kanagasabapathy retired, Dr. R. Selvakumar, Dr. Victoria Job and Dr. Geethanjali have contributed to the growth of this programme


The ACBI-CMC EQAS Program is a voluntary participation scheme and all laboratories are encouraged to participate. There are 8 programmes in the Scheme: Chemistry-1 (23 parameters), Chemistry -2 (9 parameters), Thyroid Hormones and Cortisol (5 parameters), Reproductive hormones (7 parameters) , Downs screening (3 parameters), HBA1C, Tumor markers (3 parameters) andUrine Chemistry (8 parameters). The first 7 programmes are accredited by NABL in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 17043:2010. The organizers send three batches of Lyophilized QC material by post in a year to all participants who have enrolled in the respective programme.Each batch has 4 vials (for 4 months) for each programme. For Tumor markers only 3 samples are sent in a year. The participating laboratories analyze the parameters and report back their results to CMC EQAS, Vellore via website within a stipulated time. All results sent by laboratories are statistically analyzed based on ISO 13528:2015 by the software and the monthly summary report generated displays the designated value, lab value, SD and CV of the group and SDI score for the participating laboratory. The EQAS program has created awareness among participants and proved to be a valuable exercise and the numbers of laboratories registering with the programmes are steadily increasing every year. Presently, Dr. Pamela Christudoss, Professor & Head, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, C.M.C.Hospital, Vellore is the Coordinator of this programme.
Those desirous of joining this programme may get all relevant details from the website : Go to ACBI CMC