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Corporate Members

ACBI Corporate Members benefit from privileged access to leaders and experts in laboratory medicine as well as discounts on our activities including meetings, exhibitions & Advertisements.

Corporate Members Benefit Form

  • A Place On The Corporate Members Group Of The Association, Whose Chairperson Is A Member Of The Association's Executive Council.
  • A Discount For Executive Bookings At National conference.
  • Access To All The publication Of The Association That Are Hosted On The Association Website Including The ACBI News Bulletin And Indian Journal Of Clinical Biochemistry And Discounted Advertising Rates.
  • Product Reviews In The Corporate Members' Column Of ACBI News Bulletin.
  • Inclusion And On The Corporate Members List On The Associations Website,

Subscription Fees

The Current Subscription For Corporate Members Is Rs. 25,000 /- Once

Interested for applying for Corporate Membership ?