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Applications are invited from Young scientists attending the ACBI National conference for the award of the Young Scientist Bursary.

The criteria for bursary selection are as follows:

  1. Age of the candidate should be 35 or less than 35 years on 31 st, December of the year of the conference.

  2. Candidate should be a member of ACBI or if not a member then he/she shall have to take Sessional membership for the conference.

  3. Having a Poster / Abstract accepted.

  4. Work to be presented at conference should be original as evaluated by the Scientific committee.

  5. The candidate should give an undertaking that he/she did not receive any grant from any other government or private sources.

  6. The candidate should submit application through proper channel, i.e. signed by head of department or head of Institution.

One candidates will be selected for award of FULL BURSARY and One candidates will be selected for PARTIAL BURSARY. One bursary will be given to candidate contesting for any oral Award presentation, and the Second bursary will be given to candidate presenting Poster.

FULL BURSARY will provide:
  • Rupees Ten thousand
Each PARTIAL BURSARY will provide:
  • Rupees Five thousand

Bursary recipient will be selected by the Bursary Award Committee on the basis of information provided through the "Bursary Application Form" submitted within the deadline provided in the Final Brochure of the conference & also on the ACBI Website.

Applications for Bursary would be invited through the ACBI News Bulletin (March issue) and the Final Brochure of the conference. The application along with all documents should be sent to the Organizing Secretary of the Conference before the last date for call for abstract as published in the Final brochure or the conference website.

Candidates applying would have to submit the following by email as attachment:
(1) Proof of registration,
(2) Proof of membership of ACBI,
(3) Proof of age,
(4) copies of their Oral /Poster presentation to the committee for evaluation,
(5) a letter stating that they have not received any grant for attending the conference.
(6) Proof of registration for the conference. The Awardees name will be announced during the valedictory function of the conference.